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SATEM, which joined OYAK Gıda Tarım Hayvancılık companies in 2021, was established to increase the market share of the brands it represents and to integrate their distribution activities and keep them in the most effective sales points.

SATEM offers high standards of service by integrating the marketing, sales and distribution activities of Turkey's leading brands with its advanced technological infrastructure and efficient field models.

SATEM, known in the sector for its perfectionist identity in the fields of sales, commercial marketing and distribution, ensures that all its products reach every corner of the world and our country through various sales points, including alternative channels such as national chains, local chains, traditional channel sales points, out-of-home consumption points, e-commerce customers.

In the age of digitalization and globalization, SATEM aims to become one of the leading distribution organizations in Turkey and the world in a short time, with its innovative and dynamic service awareness.

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With our solid infrastructure in sales and commercial marketing, we sell and distribute leading products from different sectors.

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